Please keep in mind,I wrote this out a few years ago,times and dates may vary,,,It is also noteworthy to say,My story is and will always be ongoing..Thank You for taking the time to read it,,

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Before I begin my story,,let me just say I have never put this out to any public forum,nor have I ever talked to anyone other than my mother about this..Everything you will read here is from my own personal experience, which has taken place over several years..Some of you may ask,why now? After all this time why would I bring this out??Let me just say I am at a crossroad in my life,, and for some reason my mind is telling me it is time to share,I feel all things happen for a reason,Which is how I was brought to this site..I didn't come looking for came to me..OK ..Let me start off by giving you a background about myself and my family..My parents were married in 1960,I was born in Dec of 61,i'm the oldest of three,, my sister was born in 63 my brother was born in 65,,We were all baptized and raised Catholic and I had made it threw my first communion,,Threw out our childhood we had moved several times,due to my father's work or just needed something different,,from the time I was born to the time I graduated I had lived in 11 different houses in 3 different states..And changed religions 3 times.(Wow!!Right?),,it gets better..As a child growing up I've always had a run away spirit so to speak,I was into everything,,some would called it hyper,some would call it rambunctious, ,by the time I became a teenager,I had multiple talents a jack of all trades but a master of none,the list ranges from mechanical, to artist, to music,carpentry,poetry, songwriting,and on and on,, I also had / have a touch of ESP,and animal magnetism (wild and domestic),,Everything was self books just hands on,, and with all that I still felt out of place in the world,I was constantly beat up as a kid,no reason just because,, You might say I learned about people and life the hard way...I don't hold any grudges against anyone for I see it all as a learning experience, something that I truly had to go threw.(I will try to explain this more later on.) I have been married 2 times and have 2 children,(both from my first wife.) and am now in another relationship at the age of 52...OK..I hope I haven't bored you to death yet..but everything about my life is relevant to what I am going to tell you..Let's jump back now to the year 1967, in a town called Livonia in upstate N.Y. ..We all lived in an old school house that had been redone with 3 bedrooms (2 downstairs 1 upstairs), and a loft,, my parents and I were upstairs, I had the loft.My father bought it from a farmer who had a cornfield that surrounded the property..My father worked the 3-11pm shift at the time, mom and us kids would go to bed around night I was woken up by a strange red glow that lite up the whole noise,just a slow strobing red would go back and forth across the sky,then touchdown,, rise again,and do it all over again and again,my mother heard me climb out of bed, so she gets up to see what I was doing..she came and stood behind me and we watched this red glow for what seemed to be forever until it just disappeared,, (like turning off a light switch.).We stayed up until dad got home and we told him what we saw,,He of course disclaimed it as being a helicopter giving rides at the county fair..A few weeks later my mom told the farmer about what had happened,and he told her about an area of corn that had been laid over in his field..(touchdown site,or crop circle??) We wouldnt know about circles in the 60s.???..Ok..another thing that happened in this house about the same time (this may be related or maybe not)?? Again at night my mom and I where woken up by voices coming from downstairs,,we went down and found my sister sitting up in bed talking to someone who wasn't asked her who she was talking to and she said it was Grandpa Mitchell, who had died 2 years before I was asked her what he looked like and she described him to a tee...(wahooooo)!!..Ok..let's jump now to 1970.. Because of a job offer my dad received,we moved from N.Y down to Auburndale, Fla..We first lived in a small 3 bedroom block house which was located across the street from a Baptist church...Mom wanted some type of religion in our family,but dad was full fledge Catholic,, so mom would take us kids to the church,where we

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became "born again christians" and was baptized again...(here is where things get a little crazy)..a good deal of time would pass,when all of a sudden my dad claimed he had an "out of body experience",,(at the time he called it a revelation),,That included a dream about the "Rapture"..which in turn changed him to the point (wait for it..)....of becoming an Ordained...Baptist... Minister..(whaooooo didn't see that coming did ya..).Ok..I believe it was 1973 or the spring of 74 dad bought a new house a couple of miles from where we were was a modular home with (you guessed it)..3 making my brother and I to share a room with bunk beds..(I got the bottom)...Ok..Lets hold up here for a minute..Keep in mind this is in the 70s.. (I call them the Big Boom years)..We have witnessed a few of the Apollo rockets being sent to the moon, we were living in a time of history being made,,not to mention a rash of UFO sightings where happening,, of course we as kids didn't know or understand it..and the book "Chariots of the Gods" had just hit the marketplace..and the first microwave oven came out....OK..Let's jump to the year 1975..Dads ministry was doing well,he had a small missionary church that he was preaching at and us kids went to a lot of bible studies..Late one summer afternoon , mom and dad went to do some shopping,my brother went for a bike ride with his friends,and my sister and I went across the street to play ball with a little neighbor girl..Across the street in front of her house in between 2 other houses,stood a massive oak tree,with lots of leaves and moss blowing around in it...Something had caught my eye and I turned to look up at this tree,and there was a huge silver disk shaped craft hovering over had a bunch of windows in the front of it,, no noise, no smoke nothing..I pointed at it and hollered for my sister to take a look..when we turned back to see it , it was gone...vanished..disappeared. .I was speechless..about that time my brother came racing back home because he heard a woman scream..(maybe she saw it too???),and it scared him half to death..we went back to the house and waited for mom and dad to return..I sat down and drew a picture of the craft..when mom and dad came back I told them what I had seen and showed them the disclaimed it again,saying is was a figment of my imagination..and I watched too much tv..(oddly enough there was a show called UFOs at the time,but he watched it more than I did..)..OK..HERE WE GO..after everything calmed down we ate supper, took our baths,and went to bed..I had a hard time going to sleep for obvious reasons but I finally did,, It had to be real late at night or real early in the morn I woke up to 3 small figures (The Greys) standing next to my bed, and just like that I was Instantly paralyzed,, I couldn't move,I tried to scream for mom and dad,but couldnt..why I didn't faint or pass out I don't know..but I should have..Then a voice from inside of my head called me by my name..Clarence...calm down..we won't harm you,, and just like that,,I felt total comfort..and I knew I would be using ESP. We could communicate, they told me they had been watching me,and they had things they wanted to give me, and I needed to go with them for a short while,, They assured me I would be ok,, Somehow I knew we weren't going out threw the door,but the window instead,, I told them I was worried about waking my brother, and to be careful not to break my glass show case I had under the window..not sure what happened after's all but a blur..but I know I went and came back..Waking up the next morning was strange..I felt different,, and scared at the same time..I made a solemn vow to myself, I would never tell anyone about it..(not that they would believe it anyways.).and I went on doing the normal things a kid dose,,, That same year right after this happened we moved again..Dads work wanted him to open a new place over in Texas (He was a welder/fabricator),,He also figured he could expand on his we moved to Henderson,Texas,where dad bought another new house with ( Yep you guessed again,,) 3

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bedrooms lol..Dad started visiting a lot of churches, and we stayed with one for awhile, until dad got introduced to the Pentecostal church.(which is non denominational) for the third time in my life, we switched religions again,,..OK,,This is about the time that my life would start to make its own changes,, I started receiving more and more infromation mentaly,, it wouldnt stop comeing,, I had know idea what to do with it except to just keep it to myself..There where a few times I would chat with some of the elders of our bible groups and totally dumbfounded them,,(here again feeling Christ like.)..being only 13,,,14 yrs old and knowing this much was unheard of...They all started to shun me,,(I think they didnt want competition),, school was getting harder also..I was always kicked around and bullied,,just because,,Then I'd hear a voice,remember Christ and his crucifixion,, he was mocked and beaten, all for a better life..(once again Christ like),,This would go on for a good while until it just went away,,Finally,, my dad decided it was time to go home,and we moved back to upstate N.Y.,, I lost my faith in religion (because of Texas),, I finished high school and joined the Air Force.,(that was 1980) 1984 I had gotten married for the first time and had a son...a daughter would arrive in 1986..From the time of my encounter up to this point,I hadn't gave any of it much thought,,Then one afternoon in the summer of 87,, I turned on the tv and watched a program already showing about UFOs and alien abductions...(saying to myself yeah,,,been there done that,,),, A guy came on (a little bit older than myself ) and told his story,,, OMG!!!!!NO WAY!!!! IT's Identical to my experience, , right to the teee,,,I knew right then and there something truly did happen...So I went nuts,,, from then till now,, I've done nothing but studied everything under the sun,,all of my talents and all I know about,, all of my senses where all giving to me by those who abducted me,,,for what reason they chose me I may never know,,......With all this being said,,, my mother was the only person whom I ever told about my encounter,,, that was only a few years ago...My dad is now 83 yrs old and has since changed his mind also...not sure how or why but he has...(we have some pretty good talks on the subject now)... I Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you find your answers, ,If I can help I will,,,just keep looking up...and keep your vibes going...